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A fragrance industry event of the year 2024!

Global Fragrance Enterprises Gathering in FAW2024

FAW2024 will gather fragrance brands, supply chain enterprises, and professionals from countries such as France, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Spain, and others to showcase in the Chinese market, injecting new vitality into the local fragrance industry. Our activities will demonstrate products and creations in different regions, cultures, and styles by having these international participants join the event, and improve the networking in the fragrance industry.

Professional Forums and Salons, the Discovery of New Trends

FAW2024 will invite industry specialists, creative artists, and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest fragrance trend, technical innovations, and market insights during professional forums and salons. It creates an excellent opportunity for the enterprises to learn and communicate, expand their business horizon, push forward the development and innovation in fragrance industry.

300+ Perfumers to Present a Diverse Array of Fragrance Creations

FAW2024 will invite over 300 perfumers from around the world to showcase and exchange their latest creations. Through keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, and fragrance evaluations, these perfumers will share their creative concepts and technical insights. This event aims to provide a platform for local perfumers to learn and grow, while also connecting them with more brands, channels, and potential collaboration opportunities, thereby promoting the professional development of domestic perfumers.

Special Activities, the Connection to New Channels

At the same time, FAW2024 will host a series of activities such as road show and product selection convention, helping brands to cooperate with dealers, agencies, MCN institutes, KOL, and e-commerce platform, eventually open the channel of communication to community leaders, fashion retail, fragrance collection store, high-end commercial and property.