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Niche Fragrance Brand Exhibition
Whether it’s international niche fragrance brands newly entering the Chinese market or emerging domestic brands, they might not have large followings or extensive promotional budgets. However, they offer unique product designs and brand philosophies. Through this event, we aim to help these brands showcase, experience, and promote their offerings, connecting them with more consumers and potential channel partners to gain greater market traction.
Independent Perfumers’ Works Exhibition
In recent years, many independent perfumers have become active in the fragrance market, both domestically and internationally. They might be young or relatively unknown, but they bring a wealth of new ideas and creativity. We will invite those who are willing to innovate, pioneer, and explore new directions with original fragrance concepts and techniques. These perfumers will showcase their original creations and engage in exchanges, bringing a more diverse and rich olfactory experience to the market.
Antique Perfume Collection Exhibition
We will invite perfume collectors and enthusiasts to collaborate on the planning and presentation of this exhibition. The plan is to display 30-50 antique perfumes, offering a multi-sensory experience through innovative exhibition formats and layouts. Visitors will be able to appreciate the beauty of perfumes through sight, touch, smell, and sound, challenging the conventional perception of perfume as merely utilitarian and redefining its cultural and artistic significance.
Fragrance DIY
FAW2024 will also prepare fragrance DIY activities by inviting perfume studio managers, perfumers, and scented candles artists to be the instructors, to attract more fragrance enthusiasts to take part, improve their knowledge and interests in fragrance.