LINGAN International Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd | 628 Xingangdong Road, 15th Floor, Haizhu District, Guangzhou.

Exhibits Profile

Perfume & Fragrance

· Designer Perfume; Niche Perfume; Individual Perfumer’s Perfume
· Hand Cream; Body Lotion; Laundry Detergent Capsules; Laundry Liquid;      Shampoo; Shower Gel; Spray etc.
· Scented Candles; Gem Stone Diffuser; Reed Diffuser etc.
· Car Perfume; Scented Tea; Scented Sachet; Aromatic Herbs Pouches etc.
· Aroma Diffuser Equipment; Diffusion Essence and Liquid; Essence Oil;          Automatic Aroma Distributors; Candle Warmer; Air Freshener; and                Fragrance Custom Services.
· Pet Grooming, Bathing, and Rinsing Products; Deodorant Spray etc.

Aromatherapy & Traditional Chinese Incense

· Aromatherapy Studio; SPA Health Club, Single Essential Oils; Blend              Essential Oils; Absolute; Flower Essence; Hydrolat etc.
· Incense Stick; Incense Coil; Incense Cones; Pomander; Perfume Powder;      Balsam etc.; and Natural Plant Incense Raw Material; Incense Tools;            Incense Cultural and Creative Derivatives etc.

Supply Chain, Packaging & Accessories 

· OEM/ ODM / OBM Factories; Perfume Manufacturing Machine; Perfume      Filling Machine; Packaging Equipment etc.
· Perfume Bottles, Pumps, Lids; Incense Cup; Fragrance Blotter; Reed;            Packaging Materials etc.
· Candle Hood; Candle Stick; Candle Lid; Revolving Scenic Lamp; Ignitor;        Candle Wick Trimmer; Bell-Shaped Candle Extinguishers; Hook-Shaped      Candle Extinguisher; Tray; Tool Sets etc.

Raw Materials

· Flavor Essence; Spice; Ethyl Alcohol; Soy Wax; Coconut Wax; Honey Wax; Traditional Chinese Incense Stick Materials; Other Raw Materials etc.

Integrated Services

· Shop Design, Brand Design, Package Design; Shelf; Display Props; Shop      Signs etc.
· Inspection and Testing Agencies; MCN Agencies; Media Platform; Data        Marketing Companies etc.