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Conference & Forums

Main Forum: China Fragrance Brand Conference
The China Fragrance Brand Conference is an industry event that brings together brand founders, creative perfuming experts, supply chain specialists, brand marketing leaders, venture capitalists, e-commerce platform experts, and practitioners. The conference will focus on cutting-edge topics and explore the development trends, opportunities, and challenges of the Chinese fragrance market through thematic presentations and discussions. It aims to support and guide the innovation and growth of local Chinese brands.
Concurrent Forum: Fragrance Brand Development Forum
The Fragrance Brand Development Forum will be exploring the effective ways to combine online and offline marketing, in order to give a better shopping experience for the consumer, and to gain a better exposure for the brands, achieving sales boost in all fields.
Concurrent Forum: Perfumers’ Forum
This event is specified for perfumers to learn, communicate, and cooperate with each other. The participants will be able to learn the history, technology, and inspiration of perfume making, as well as to explore the connections between perfume, art, emotions, and memories. During the forum, the participant will also be learning perfume-making methods and technics, and getting to know the latest industry trend and technology innovation, making actual progress to perfume art.
Concurrent Forum: Designers’Forum
Designs and decoration are considered as the main content; product design and store design are greatly important for demonstrating the core of the brand. They not only deliver the visual aesthetic of a brand, but also help shaping brand images through making unique experience and emotional resonance, to attract customers, bringing sales growth and competitive advantages for the business.